Keyboard shortcuts

If you have the Палитра команд enabled, You can use Ctrl/Cmd+P to bring it up, which will show you all currently available commands and their keyboard shortcuts.

Most keyboard shortcuts can be defined for your needs in Settings => Hotkeys.

The list of default Keyboard shortcuts as of v0.5.3 is:

Function Shortcut
Editor: save file Ctrl/Cmd S
Create new note Ctrl/Cmd N
Open command palette Ctrl/Cmd P
Open quick switcher Ctrl/Cmd O
Search in all files Ctrl/Cmd-Shift F
Open graph view Ctrl/Cmd G
Star current file Blank
Unstar current file Blank
Audio recorder: start recording Blank
Audio recorder: stop recording Blank
Open Markdown converter Blank
Open today's note Blank
Create new Zettelkasten note Blank
Open random note Blank
Navigate back Ctrl/Cmd-alt ←
Navigate forward Ctrl/Cmd-alt →
Open vault location Blank
Use dark mode Blank
Use light mode Blank
Search current file Ctrl/Cmd F
Toggle edit/preview mode Ctrl/Cmd E
Delete current file Blank
Split vertical Blank
Split horizontal Blank
Close active pane Blank
Close all other panes Blank
Open settings Ctrl/Cmd ,

Function | | Shortcut
-------------------- | - | ------------
Bold Selected Text | | Ctrl/Cmd B
Italic Selected Text | | Ctrl/Cmd I
Insert External link | | Ctrl/Cmd K
Indent | | Ctrl/Cmd ]
Unindent | | Ctrl/Cmd [